We present the FuwaFuwa sensor module, a round, hand-size, wireless device for measuring the shape deformations of soft objects such as cushions and plush toys. It can be embedded in typical soft objects in the household without complex installation procedures and without spoiling the softness of the object because it requires no physical connection. Six LEDs in the module emit IR light in six orthogonal directions, and six corresponding photosensors measure the reflected light energy. One can easily convert almost any soft object into a touch-input device that can detect both touch position and surface displacement by embedding multiple FuwaFuwa sensor modules in the object. A variety of example applications illustrate the utility of the FuwaFuwa sensor module. An evaluation of the proposed deformation measurement technique confirms its effectiveness.

Collaborated Project with Yuta Sugiura


Detecting shape deformation of soft objects using directional photoreflectivity measurement. Sugiura, Kakehi, Withana, Lee, Sakamoto, Sugimoto, … Igarashi. (2011). In UIST’11 (pp. 509–516).

FuwaFuwa: Detecting Shape Deformation of Soft Objects Using Directional Photoreflectivity Measurement. Kakehi, Sugiura, Withana, Lee, Nagaya, Sakamoto, … Igarashi. (2011). In SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies


Jan, 2011 to May, 2012