Tacttoo is a feel-through interface for electro-tactile output on the user’s skin. Integrated in... more

Skin-based touch input opens up new opportunities for direct, subtle, and expressive interaction... more


We present waveSense, a low power hand gestures recognition system suitable for mobile and... more

This work describes the design of “ArmSleeve”, a patient monitoring system to support... more

Placing information at specific locations in the home provides rich and intuitive ways for... more

SonicSG is a large-scale interactive light installation in the Singapore River close to the... more


zSense provides greater input expressivity for spatially limited devices such as smart wear-... more

Stretched across the Read Bridge at Clark Quay, Singapore, this interactive installation dubbed... more


nZwarm is a swarm of luminous “sea creatures” that interact with passers-by. Subtle and hardly... more

SparKubes are a set of stand-alone tangible objects that are corded with simple behaviors and do... more

iSwarm, the Singapore University of Technology and Design Advanced Architecture Laboratory and... more


We propose RippleTouch, a low resolution haptic interface that is capable of providing haptic... more

In Gesture Wheel we present the design and implementation of a multitouch steering wheel as a... more


ImpAct explores direct touch and manipulation techniques for surface computing... more

PINOKY is a wireless ring-like device that can be externally attached to any plush toy as an... more

We present the FuwaFuwa sensor module, a round, hand-size, wireless device for measuring the... more

Haptic Telescope is a vibro-tactile haptic display designed to map information in a moving... more


We propose a cooking system that operates in an open environment. The system cooks a meal by... more

Infoshare is a flexible and scalable information authoring and sharing architecture for... more


In this project we present a system that composite digital images in a narrative fashion... more

"Petimo" is an interactive robotic toy designed to protect children from potential risks in... more


We propose a novel operating method for a bipedal walking robot through personalized gesture... more