Gesture Wheel


In Gesture Wheel we present the design and implementation of a multitouch steering wheel as a gaming interface and evaluate relative rotation effects on its gesture interactions. Proposed system can detect general input such as touch, drag and clicking along with hover interaction. We utilize an embedded IR photo reflector array to detect user input. Results propose an intuitive interaction approach for applications with relative rotation between digital and physical world.


Multi-touch steering wheel for in-car tertiary applications using infrared sensors. Koyama, Inami, Sugiura, Ogata, Withana, Uema, … Nawa (2014). In AH’14 (pp. 1–4)

Effects of Relative Rotation on Gesture Interaction in a Multitouch Steering Wheel Based Gaming Interface. Withana., Koyama, Sugiura, Uema, Nawa, Yoshizu, … Inami. (2013). Virtual Reality, Japan. 2013


Sep, 2012 to Apr, 2013